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Life Insurance for Police Officers

Life Insurance for Police Officers – The Ultimate Guide for [2021]

If you have any worries about applying for police life insurance, put them to rest right now. There are many excellent carriers that are able to provide you with preferred rates and very affordable premiums. We specialize in police officer life insurance and we are here to help you learn everything you need to know in order to make a great choice on carriers and plan designs. We will show you everything you need to know so you can purchase the best policy for your needs and make sure it comfortably fits your budget.



The rates for police life insurance can depend on your specific job duties and how hazardous they are

Normally most life insurance for police officers applications are for normal conventional patrol work and investigations. With this type of risk factor you will be able to receive preferred rates like any other person applying for life insurance. Here are some exceptions that could possibly increase your rates but usually are somewhat rare. 

  • Undercover Narcotics Detective – (working in large high crime rate cities such as LA, Chicago or New York).  
  • Police Department Pilots – (flying small airplanes and helicopters especially at night).
  • Marine Division Search & Rescue – (mainly with regular scuba diving duties).

Just keep in mind that police officer life insurance just like any other form of life insurance is underwritten on a case to case basis. Your age and health will be the most important factors.


Comparing term life insurance quotes for police officers

You will find that term insurance will be the way to go for low cost with a substantial face amount. Here is a quick tip for you that should prove to be very helpful. The lowest rates you will ever find will be term life insurance products without a doubt. You can purchase your term insurance in term periods of 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years. Banner Life now offers new term periods of 35 and even 40 years. Our websites quoting system on the right will display term life insurance quotes for police officers from over 40 top rated companies. Term insurance will allow you to get the maximum face amount you can afford for the lowest possible expense. 


The importance of purchasing life insurance for police officers is more important than ever 

Some mayors and governors are totally out of control and I have no idea where this will finally end. Ordering police officers to stand by and allow the crime to continue is absolutely mind boggling. This is where the injury and deaths of police officers continue to grow. As you already know many police officers have turned in their resignations or retired early. The less respect people have for police officers ends up with total hatred for the police and then these perpetrators attempt to actually kill police officers as if they were some form of an enemy.



How to shop for the best police life insurance quotes

The best life insurance for policemen is going to be the best offer you can receive from the many good life insurance companies available. A good experienced independent insurance agent can crunch all the number for you. He can find out what carrier should come through with the best rates with the best plan design for your needs. He will preform this task with the help of a quoting system and his years of experience. Finding the best police officer life insurance is not actually a complicated process, but it requires good solid experience. Landing the best life insurance rates will depend on the skill level of your agent and the companies he works with.


The FBI just recently released the new 2019 statistics for police officers killed in the line of duty

According to the recent statistics released to the FBI. 89 members of law enforcement were killed on the job in 2019. There were 48 officers killed as a result of murder, and 41 officers died as a result of job related accidents. More information can be found on this subject by visiting the FBIs exclusive UCR website . These statistics have increased the need for life insurance for police officers and more safety related training. 


Your best options for life insurance?

Shopping the market to find the best options for police officer life insurance is very important. Let’s go through a simple three step-by-step process so you can easily locate and apply for the best company with the lowest rates possible. This is a sure fire way that is proven to be very effective and works well every time.

  • Connect with an experienced independent life insurance agent that can show you all your options and is contracted with all the best carriers.
  • Carefully pre-screen any pre-existing medical conditions or dangerous sports that can affect your rates so you can choose the most applicable life insurance company.
  • Complete a simple telephone application and let your independent agent (broker) work hard to secure the best rates for you.

After these three steps have been completed, you should be approved for the best life insurance possible.


Connect with an experienced independent insurance agent!

Do yourself a big favor and don’t waste any valuable time. Start the ball rolling by connecting with an independent insurance agent that specializes in police officer life insurance. The independent agents also known as brokers represent virtually all the best life insurance companies nationwide. The dedicated agents that work with companies like State Farm, Geico, and Country Companies only have access to the one company they work for. Independent agents do not work for insurance companies so they have your best interest in mind and not an insurance companies.

Your insurance agent can get you pointed in the right direction and help you find the best company and plan design for your specific needs. Trying to do this yourself will end up with nothing but confusion and a lot of valuable time being consumed. There is absolutely no cost or obligation to have an independent agent do all the work for you.


Purchasing life insurance for police officers begins with choosing the most applicable carrier for your specific job duties.

All life insurance companies have certain markets they like more than others. For example, some companies have no problem with smokers while others do. Other companies may be good for people with dangerous sports while other companies will not be the best choice. The same holds true for law enforcement officers. The companies realize that law enforcement is more hazardous than other occupations.


Test this page

Common questions concerning life insurance:

  • Are any of the companies considered more police officer life insurance friendly than others?
  • Do the life insurance companies offer law enforcement personnel premium discounts?
  • Can I choose to apply for coverage without having to take a physical examination and blood test?
  • Is applying for life insurance for police officers more complicated for undercover narcotics detectives?
  • Normally I use consume alcoholic beverages such as whiskey after work to relax, can I still successfully apply?
  • I am a retired police officer, does being retired help me get better rates?
  • I have have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? Will this prevent me from buying life insurance for police officers?
  • Do most policies have a suicide clause built into the policy? If so, how long is the waiting period?
  • I am in the process of a nasty divorce, will that effect my rates or prevent me in any way from applying?
  • A few years ago I was shot and seriously wounded on the job. How will that effect my application?

As you read this blog post, you will see the answers to all these questions. If you have a specific question that you need answered, always feel free to call us toll free 7 days a week at 800-897-5699.

Police officer life insurance is still categorized in a preferred market, at least for now anyway.

Keep your fingers crossed the industry retains life insurance for police officers in a preferred market and does not re-classify police officer life insurance to a new high risk class. This could easily happen one day due to the many murders of police officers. All the insurance companies use statistics as a foundation to determining the rates to be published. When the statistics suddenly start changing in a negative way. The companies will have no other choice but to change the rates to reflect a much higher risk factor. When this happens, the cost of life insurance for police officers goes up.

If I am a member of a SWAT team, will my rates be impacted?

Normally the answer will be yes. Life insurance for police officers that are assigned to a SWAT team can be more expensive if you are a member of a SWAT team. This is based on simple statistics that SWAT team personnel usually are involved in more life threatening situations. The statistics clearly indicate they will be more likely to be killed on the job when in comparison to an everyday patrol officer.

Recent studies are showing a rising increase in patrol officer killings which could possibly be placed in the same high risk category as of SWAT team members. The rule of thumb is, the more danger you are exposed to, the more likely your rates could be impacted.


Do police life insurance quotes ever vary from one insurance agent to another?

This is one of the most important questions ever asked. The answer is very simple no, not by one penny. Police officer life insurance quotes never vary for any reason. Life insurance rates are regulated by law in all 50 states. Most people believe that life insurance rates vary from agent to agent and nothing could be farther from the truth. Just for example, police life insurance rates are published by the life insurance company actuaries. They are then sent to each states Department of Insurance and then approved. No agent or broker can sell the exact same companies product for less money than another.

Rates actually do vary from one life insurance company to another. This is why we utilize all the best and most competitive carriers in the 50 states. We consistently secure the best police life insurance rates for our clients because we use the most applicable company. We also work closely with the insurers underwriting team to acquire the best health classification to get the lowest rates possible.


Here are your best options to consider:

There are quite a few choices when shopping for police officer life insurance, but here are some of your best plan designs to consider:

Term Insurance –

Term Insurance is by far the most popular plan design most people apply for. It is also the most cost effective policy to purchase and that is what most consumers look for. Low cost term life insurance is a temporary form of coverage that can be purchased in term periods such as 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and now Banner Life offers a 35 and 40 year term policy. Term insurance can also be converted to a permanent policy such as universal life as an option. This can be performed with showing no new evidence of insurability in case you health has changed for the worst. More police officer life insurance policies are sold in the form of term insurance than all the other plan designs combined.

Universal Life –

Universal Life is an excellent choice for permanent coverage that will last the rest of your life. Keep in mind that universal life is also more expensive than term insurance. You can also opt to purchase a term policy with a higher face amount and a universal life policy with a lower face amount. The strategy behind this is to have term for the most financially volatile period of your life. Then your smaller universal life with the lower face amount will still be there once you term policy terminates. This will give you an excellent and cost effective life insurance portfolio.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance –

No Medical Exam life insurance for the most part is a term policy that does not require a physical exam and usually has a shorter application with less questions. This choice would would spare you the physical exam, require a much quicker approval time, but these policies do cost more than conventional underwriting type policies. Most policemen choose the conventional underwriting avenue to get the best rates on life insurance.


Return of Premium Life Insurance – 

These are term policies that pay back every cent you paid in on premiums if you outlive the term period of your policy. By the way, most people outlive the term period in their policy. When this happens they have nothing to show for paying their premiums just like paying rent. The return of premium policies pay out with every penny you paid in. These policies do cost more so you are going to have to make a choice if this is the policy for you. The Cincinnati Life Insurance Company has the lowest rates for these types of policy designs.

How does smoking effect the purchase of police officer life insurance?

By far, tobacco use is the fastest way to increase your premiums. Smoking (especially cigarettes) can quickly increase your rates over 300%. This is especially true if you smoke cigarettes vs cigars or use chewing tobacco. Some of the companies offer lower rates if you smoke cigars or a pipe, but cigarette smokers are always hit hard. If you purchase life insurance for police officers with a smokers rating.

With a number of carriers, your insurance company can re-evaluate your policy after one year if you quit smoking. It is then very possible that you can receive non-smoker rates and lower your premiums to the extremes. Purchasing life insurance will easier and quite a bit cheaper if you quit smoking. Not to mention you will add years on to your life for doing so.


Medical conditions play a big part when applying!

The number one concern any life insurance company is going to be concerned with is any medical conditions you may already have. I am mainly referring to more serious conditions that could one day cause your demise. We always run a medical pre-screen on all our applicants if need be. The last thing you want is a surprise when the underwriting process has been completed. The main problem when this happens is your rates could go up above and beyond expectations.

Your safety on the job will revolve around your physical condition and overall health. This is where choosing the most appropriate life insurance company comes into play. Just for example, the Prudential Insurance Company is one of the best carriers if you have serious health issues. One of the smartest things you can do is make sure to stay in shape. Most of the police departments today have their own gyms or else they provide memberships to private gyms for their police officers. Medical conditions are especially concerning for life insurance for police officers because they could inhibit your safety and performance on the street.


Comparing the best police life insurance quotes is a snap with the help of a quote engine!

Finding the lowest rates for police officer life insurance is very fast and simple with the use of a high tech consumer quoting system. You can actually see the rates from over 40 of the best life insurance companies in less than a minute. Rates vary between one carrier and another as this can be very time consuming to compare. But thankfully, not with one of todays quote engines with a digital connection to the life insurance companies data servers. This enables the displayed police officer life insurance rates to be accurate and up to date every minute. The premiums you see are actually be extracted from the carriers themselves. Use our quoting system on the left to see for yourself, I believe you will be impressed.


Our Final Word

Don’t hesitate to call us toll free 7 days a week to get fast answers to all your questions. There is absolutely no cost or obligation for our assistance. We can direct you to the highest rated life insurance carriers with the best rates in a matter of minutes. If you are a police officer and you read this post, we hope this blog post has helped you understand life insurance for police officers. We also want to thank you many times over for your service. A policemen’s job can sometimes seem like a thankless one. But keep in mind there are millions of Americans that appreciate what you are doing every single day including myself. Whatever you do, be careful out there and stay safe!

All the best,
Jack Venturi

*We are here to answer your questions 7 days a week with no obligation. Take a moment to set up a time to go over your many options. 


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