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Our Privacy Policy firmly believes that your privacy and the security of your information you submit to us is extremely important. Our Privacy Policy displays the details for our information for gathering, protection, and handling procedures relative to the use of our website If you have questions or need any further information about our privacy policy. We urge you to contact us by telephone at (800)897-5699 7 days a week 9:am to 9:pm. We want you to fully understand how hard we work to protect your privacy and the basic quoting information you provide to us. Privacy and security is what we all have to seriously consider everyday. 

Why Do We Collect Website Visitor Information?

There are two main reasons why we collect your visitor information on our website.

(1) Information is collected to provide you with the accurate and detailed life insurance quotes you have requested from us. 
(2) Information is collected to initiate the application request process and the purchase of life insurance from one of our life insurance companies.

Personal information collected on this website is provided only by you and is completely voluntarily. Any website usage statistics collected is only used to judge month to month traffic on our website.

Information Collected & How We Use It:

The Life Insurance Quoting Request Form

As you must know, our website provides visitors with free and accurate life insurance quotes. To make sure we provide only accurate quotes, some basic information must be collected to accomplish this. This basic information may include you state you reside in, your date of birth, your gender, your height, weight, the coverage amount you are requesting, to term period desired (10 yr.), (15 yr), (20 yr.) and so forth. It may also include your estimated health classification and if you use tobacco products. Without some of this basic information, it would not be possible to run life insurance quotes for you. Keep in mind that this information is shared with no one at any time.

The Life Insurance Application Request Form

This form is used to begin the life insurance application process. When and if you complete this form, you are instructing our staff that you would like to begin your application to a specific insurance life insurance carrier. All of the basic information in this form such as your name, address, email address, and telephone number will only be used to contact you regarding your application for life insurance insurance. PoliceLifeInsurance never sells or shares this information. 

The application request form also requests health information and any information concerning dangerous occupations or sports. This type of information is required by most all life insurance applications. This information will be required on your formal life insurance application with the life insurance company you have chosen.

Website Cookies 

A cookie is simply a piece of data stored on a visitor or applicants computer. We do not use any data that would personally identify you. Cookies may be disabled at any time by following the simple directions provider by the browser you are using.

Our Communication with Applicants & Clients:

Once a user has created a relationship with PoliceLifeInsurance stemming from our website. We will use various standard forms of communications such as conversations by telephone, US mail, fax and electronic mail (email).

Any form of contact is used to help our clients apply for and finally purchase life insurance products. Contact will only come from a PoliceLifeInsurance agent our staff member.

You may request that we cease any further contact at any given time for any reason. You may use telephone, email, fax or US mail to accomplish this and you will never be contacted again by our office.

Your Website Options:


Our website is available to anyone in the world for public use. No personal information is ever required to use our website.

If you provide any personal information such as using our quote engine form, you will be providing a relationship as defined by the National Do Not Call Registry with PoliceLifeInsurance and are consenting to, and requesting contact from our office staff. At this point in time, you are waiving any right under the Telemarketing Sales Rule to claim that we contacted you without your express consent.

If, at any time, you desire no longer to be contacted, we will honor your request immediately and be placed on our do not contact list.

Emails Sent & Received

You can easily unsubscribe from our email mailing list by simply clicking on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of our emails. You can also reply with a message to unsubscribe.

Need to Update or Change Personal Information

If you would like to update or change the personal information we have on file in our database. You may contact us at ant time by calling (800)897-5699 or sending us a detailed email.

Our Spam Policy:

Our spam policy is very simple, PoliceLifeInsurance does not spam.

By requesting life insurance information from us or providing your contact information anywhere on our website, you have agreed to opt-in to receive our information.

You can unsubscribe from our email list at any time by just clicking on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any one of our emails. You can also reply to one of our emails with “unsubscribe” in the subject line.

Periodic Privacy Policy Updates:

This Privacy Policy may be updated or revised at any time. PoliceLifeInsurance is always looking for the best ways to effectively protect our clients’ information. As a result of this, our Privacy Policy may be updated to display those changes. You may read our Privacy Policy each time you use this site if you wish.

How to Contact Us:

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, or our website, please contact us at the address below or our email address or toll free telephone number.
Chadwick, Illinois 61014