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Health Conditions & Your Rates

Health Conditions Can Determine Your Premiums

This is a very important subject in the underwriting process. Regardless if you are going to apply for life insurance for police officers or any other occupation. Your overall health condition will be the number one consideration an insurer will be concerned about. Having any pre-existing medical conditions can have an impact on your rates. How much impact there will be will be dependent on the medical condition itself. Needless to say a condition such as heart disease would be much worse than having allergies or other minor medical issues.

We always pre-screen your medical conditions so we know exactly what we are working with. This enables us to choose the correct company your you to apply with. If there is a chance the medical condition could one day take your life, the companies are going to be very concerned. Non life threatening conditions normally do not make any difference at all. Life insurance companies are only concerned about your projected length of your life span. They use statistics to determine this.