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Comprehensive Life Insurance for Police Officers & Their Families


As our website name implies, we specialize in life insurance for police officers and all other members of the law enforcement community. We represent over 40 of the top-rated and most competitive life insurance companies in the nation. Our mission is to make the purchase of police life insurance as simple and streamlined as possible and to help our clients make the right decisions by showing them of all their options before they apply.

The most important purpose of a life insurance policy is to give the police officers family the financial protection they need if the unthinkable happens. We take this responsibility seriously and realize how important life insurance is to law enforcement professionals that keep our country safe. The peace of mind that term life insurance brings to law enforcement officers is priceless, especially in these uncertain times we live in.


How to Receive the Best Police Life Insurance Rates

Many members of law enforcement believe that they will have to pay higher premiums and the application process will be more intense. They believe this is due to the fact that their occupation has higher risks than most others.  In fact, they will not pay any more than anyone else because life insurance companies do not penalize law enforcement personnel. If a police officer is in good health they can qualify for preferred or even a preferred best health classification. 

The number one factor in receiving the lowest premiums is the agent shopping the market and choosing the carriers that will simply offer the best rates. This is especially important if the applicant has any health condition concerns. All life insurance companies underwrite their applications differently so choosing the correct one is going to be vital. Receiving the best rates is also going to be dependent on the experience and skill of your agent.


Police Life Insurance Application Options to Choose From

In the past, the only way to apply was through a time consuming paper application that contained about 30 pages. Nobody liked these clunky applications but that is all the insurance companies had at the time. This is still available to anyone that wants to apply this way.

The carriers later adopted an online application which was much better but some applicants felt they were a little confused about completing them on a computer.

Today you have the best option right at your fingertips, the telephone. Telephone applications take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete and all you have to do is converse with one of the gals in the application department and simply listen to the questions and then answer them over the phone.

This is the simplest and quickest way to apply for life insurance with no close second. The form of telephone applications we use is called the SnapApp application system.