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Purchasing Police Life Insurance

Purchasing Police Life Insurance During Todays Violent Times 

The life of a law enforcement agent has probably changed forever. Spineless and gutless politicians are putting policeman’s lives in extreme danger everyday. They do this without a worry or care in the world. A large percentage of big city police departments are told to “stand down” and do nothing when they see a criminal act being committed. Considering the purchase of police life insurance would bring up two questions. If I apply will I be accepted and how much will life insurance cost todays police officers? This post will give answers to most all of you questions, so sit tight and read on.


Insurers Have Been Supporting Law Enforcement and Still Offer Police Life Insurance with Preferred Rates

Even though the statistics clearly indicate a considerable increase of on the job deaths of police officers. The carriers are still holding on to the concept of offering preferred rates to most policemen that apply. Normally only the most dangerous areas of law enforcement are going to be subjected to higher rates. These would be classifications such as undercover narcotics agents and members of SWAT teams. Who knows how long the will last due to the increasing deaths of police officers which has risen to a drastically alarming degree.


Here Is the Best Tip I Can Give You!

If you are planning on applying for police life insurance, you should consider applying as soon as possible. With the rapidly increasing rioting and violent crime in the United States. The rates could start increasing due to the new statistic reports. More and more police officers are being injured and killed due to the criminal epidemic we are experiencing. The best insurance companies for many years have been positioning their rates based on the risk factors that all occupations are subjected to.

The Higher the Risk Factor, the Higher the Rates

The bottom line is police work is becoming more dangerous than ever and their is no probable relief to this problem in the future. Unfortunately police officers are being targeted either for defunding by the largest cities political leaders or by the anti-police crackpots that walk the streets. This has led to many police officers taking an early retirement or just flat out walking off the job for their own safety and well being.


How We Find the Best Rates for Police Officers

Securing the best police life insurance rates is not exactly rocket science. But it will require some elbow grease on the part of an experienced insurance agent. Let’s take a look at the three main steps to finding the best police life insurance.

#1. The Medical Pre-screen:

We first start out by running a simple medical pre-screen if there any medical conditions present with our client. An applicants health history is one of the most important factors when deciding what health classification an individual will qualify for. An applicants height and weight also play a vital role when attempting to locate the best life insurance rates. If a police officer is overweight or obese, it can increase the likelihood of a heart attack or stroke. This is especially true when exerting a lot of stress and energy chasing down or wrestling with a criminal suspect. 

#2. The Life Insurance Company:

Our next step is choosing the most applicable life insurance company. We work with over 40 of the most respected insurance carriers in the nation. All of these companies underwrite their applications differently. Choosing the correct company will make or break the application process and direct us to who has the lowest rates. This process is greatly accelerated by the use of one of our life insurance quote engines that will display instant police life insurance quotes. 

#3. The Application Process:

The third and final step is the telephone application. Once the application process has been performed and the life insurance carrier comes back with their decision on a health class and premium. We next review their offer to see if it is more than acceptable. We we can foresee any room for improvement, we will submit the application to several other companies. This is done to see if any other life insurance company will give our client a better offer. When we are totally satisfied that we have the deal possible, we will present it to our client with our recommendations.


What Type of Life Insurance Should You Apply For?

To look at this with a practical perspective, you will find term life insurance will work best for you. Term is usually the best life insurance fo police officers and for other folks also. A term life insurance policy is a temporary form of life insurance. It can be purchased with a term period of 1-40 years in length. It is also by far the cheapest life insurance product available with no close second. Your other choices for life insurance are referred to as permanent life insurance such as Universal and Whole Life. The side effect to the permanent policies is simply the cost. Complete the simple form on the right and activate our websites quoting system. You can compare the best choices for police life insurance from over 40 companies instantly.


Where Is the Best Place to Apply for Police Life Insurance?

The answer to this question is simply, right here. Our number one specialty is police life insurance. This website is totally dedicated to helping police officers find the best life insurance products at the lowest possible rates. You can rest assured we know our business and take the very best care of our clients. 


In Conclusion

If you are a police officer and you need life insurance, don’t hesitate to apply. It will never be cheaper than it is right now. For every year you get older, the life insurance quoting rates will go up. The longer you wait the more it will cost, so lock in your rates as soon as possible. Your wallet will thank you! If you have any questions you would like answered and I know you must have plenty right now. Call us (800-897-5699) and we will be glad to help you. Be careful out there!

All the best,
Jack Venturi

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